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Collaboration with Marfa Coffee Company. Single origin from Oaxaca, Mexico. Proceeds go to funding independent journalism in our region.

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Our area has deep ties to border heritage (just 60 miles from the Mexican border). Traditionally Mexican coffee has been used as a blender. The coffee quality coming out of Mexico has been getting exponentially better every year. We think there should be more recognition for Mexican coffee, and we would like to celebrate our area’s ties to Mexico.

This coffee is from the Oaxacan coffee growing region known as the Zona Pluma (the plume refers to a wisp of cloud that appears on a local mountain) where the Sierra Madre del Sur coastal mountain range is peppered with small coffee farms. This particular lot comes from 15 families living near the town of Peñas Negras that cultivate coffee on farms with just a few acres. Each producer harvests and carefully sorts cherries and then de-pulps, ferments, washes, and dries the coffee using their own micro-mill. They deliver their dried parchment to the family owned export company in Oaxaca called Galguera Gomez, which specializes in preparing traceable Oaxacan lots and paying producers higher incomes for the quality of their coffee.

Grower: 15 coffee producers from Peñas Negras in the State of Oaxaca
Variety: Typica, Criollo, Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Caturra
Region: Peñas Negras, Villa de Tututepec de Melchor Ocampo, Oaxaca, Mexico
Harvest: December – January
Altitude: 896 MASL
Soil: Clay minerals
Process: Fully washed and dried in the sun and mechanical driers
Notes: orange zest, caramel, milk chocolate

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